Baby Peek

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some newborn goodness…so I wanted to share one with you all. Baby Peek was probably the hardest sleeper I have everrrr had the pleasure of working with. She was such a dream baby girl! I’m definitely hoping to work with the Peek Family again in the future. 😉

I am definitely getting a canvas of the above shot for my office. She’s perfection!

Thanks for looking!

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Nguyen Family

I’ve been mighty busy and haven’t been keeping up with blogging each session like I rrreally really want to, but I’m here today with a little familiar face. You might remember Jada from a cake smash shoot that I did last year. If you don’t…let me share what is probably my ALL TIME FAAAVORITE photo…

Well, Vy brought her baby girl back to me for Christmas pictures, and decided that they’d make it a family affair this time around. If you follow are a friend, follow me on any social networks, or frequent my blog then you should know by now that I stress the importance of parents getting in the shot, therefore it should come as no surprise when I say… I am SO glad that they decided to jump in more shots with Jada!  After I posted a sneak peek, my best friend actually called me to tell me how “fly” this family was. Jada was just as busy as ever, but definitely gave me a ton to work with. They came out and braved such a cold colllld day, and I couldn’t be happier with the way their shoot turned out. I hope we are making this an annual thing, Vy! Hehe! 😉

As independent as she is, she had her “daddy’s girl” moments!

Again, Jada is SOOO independent. She didn’t want her parents holding her and she insisted on getting off of her dad’s lap, moving forward, and sitting down for the picture in front of them! I was laughing so hard at her a few times that I could barely get the shot. Talk about pictures speaking a thousand words! The first photo is what I had in mind, the second photo is how it really is!

Jada rrreally wanted to get to the park. This was her giving me a quick smile so she could be left alone to play! LOL! Such a little character, but I’llllll take it!

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Glamorous Baby Bump | Atlanta Maternity Photographer

Man oh maaaan, I love maternity sessions. I love talking to expecting families, and I RRREALLY love it when my expecting mothers BRING IT for their maternity shoots. Latoria definitely showed up appearing to be very comfortable in her skin. She started with ONLY wanting a silhouette shot, but I’m glad that she decided on a full on shoot because I think her shoot turned out amazing. Congrats to this couple on their baby girl! I can’t wait to see her when she gets here!

My fave!!! 

I really used to dread going out to the enormous Piedmont Park. I’d literally try to steer my clients away from that park, but I’ve really fallen in love with it this season.


Thanks for looking!

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A sweet little Charlotte Family of 3

This shoot has kind of been in the works since Kandice was pregnant. She’s followed my work since the beginning, and when she found out she was pregnant, we began setting up her maternity shoot. Unfortunately, distance and timing got in the way of that. Welp, Baby MJ came and he was soooooo cute…so we started planning for a perhaps a newborn shoot…..aaaand once again, time and distance stood between things. Here we are about 7/8 months later and we were FINALLY able to make it happen!

MJ was a little busy body, and I think  Kandice was concerned that he was TOO busy, but like I always tell my clients, I don’t mind a busy baby. In fact, that’s my comfort zone. I pride myself on being patient with little ones, and I don’t mind running for a bit to catch that perfect shot. I also appreciate Kandice and Mike for pulling all of their little tricks out of the bag to help get this little man to give me such gorgeous smiles.

I’m glad we were able to make this happen, and I sure hope that I get the opportunity to work with your sweet & beautiful family again, Kandice & Mike!

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November 10, 2013 - 8:49 pm

Elaine Thomas - beautiful!!

Adrienne & Seith’s E-Session | Augusta Engagement Photographer

E-Sessions are a liiiitttttttle outside of my norm, but I must say that I absolutely LOVE the way that this session turned out. I’m actually excited to do another engagement at this point. There’s just something about working with and chatting with people about one of, if not…THE upcoming happiest day of their lives. Adrienne and Seith were just so in love, and everything flowed pretty natural. I love that they had so many moments during their shoot. They make a beautiful couple, and they made my job EXTREMELY easy, but don’t just take my word for it…have a look for yourself!

Wishing these two nothing but blessings and many years of happiness together! 🙂


Thanks for looking!

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November 8, 2013 - 2:26 am

Carolyn Hazelton - If there were any such thing as the perfect couple, u guys would b it. love u guys sooo much!!!!