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As I’ve stated in a previous post…I’m trying to find my niche with photography, and I have to say that I have fallen in looove with maternity. I’ve been secretly keeping up with Mira’s life via fb since we first talked about me taking her maternity pictures. Man are they a beautiful and strong family. I have to be honest and say I was a bit nervous about our session because Mira had a few ideas in mind about things she wanted. I knew her expectations would be high and I just wanted to deliver. Her family has experienced loss through her mother and a precious little baby. I wanted to truly capture what I knew Mira and her family understood…how precious life is and what a gift she was carrying.

I’ve heard other photographers say that one of the things they love about their job is the friendships that spring from their work. You become like a part of the family after so many shoots. I surely hope that’s true because I LOVE their little boy, Stephen. He was a total sweetheart throughout the entire shoot but when he loosened up I fell hard for him. I will have the pleasure of photographing baby Chase’s newborn pictures so stay tuned, friends!

Chase, you get to come home to this amazing family.

 He insisted on a count. Then, instead of 3 he would say “Boo Yah!” It’s safe to say the timing was a little off. I love it though! 

Mira makes carrying an 8.9 lb baby around look GORGEOUS!

I’m very big on documentation. I think it’ll be cool for Chase to have these pictures. In them, I hope he’ll see that his parents and big brother were so anxiously awaiting his arrival. Also, that he was a pretty big baby boy, but his mother beautifully embraced every lb he packed on. 

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